Article: Acoustics Fact and Fiction

September 30, 2006

This article is from RealTraps, subtitled The Basics of Acoustic Treatment. Proper acoustic treatment is very important when you’re setting up a studio space, yet studio owners/musicians/sound engineers don’t invest into that aspect. Most of the time I’ve heard people complain about the lack of high end equipment simple planning ahead before setting up a studio space, no matter the size or brand of equipment it holds inside.


Sound Design in Lars Von Trier’s MANDERLAY

September 29, 2006

MIX magazine has been publishing a Sound For Picture section for years that goes in-depth into a film’s sound design. I have probably read all of their articles, available online, to date and find them extremely informational.

This article by Matt Hurwitz is on Lars Von Trier‘s MANDERLAY and how a naturalistic sound was important for a film with no sets.

Keeping the Sound Fresh on Any System

September 29, 2006

by Robert Braathe for The Sound Palette

It doesn’t take an expensive system to get sounds on the air…just care for your system.

Recently I posted some basic 30 second video bits on YouTube. You will note that on a couple of these bits, there are noticable sounds in the background of a fan, especially in the Clyde Feebleskill videos. This is because I don’t have enough RAM in my system to run Office and iMovie at the same time without the fan running. Be sure if you are using a system with 512 of RAM – 1 GB of RAM that you only keep open the applications that are absolutely necessary when you are recording. This will prevent unnecessary background noise.

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from PRX: Sound Suits

September 28, 2006

Sound Suits is produced by Hillary Frank and was originally broadcast on Studio 360. The piece is about the Chicago artist Nick Cave’s experimental work with body suits. Here’s an excerpt from the program’s description on PRX:

“…He calls these garments Sound Suits and he puts on performances in which he and all sorts of “non-artists” dance in the suits. Cave considers the Sound Suits a second layer of skin — and as an African-American man, his work often deals with themes of skin and race…”

Profile: Sound Designer Lon Bender

September 27, 2006

Studio Daily posted a profile on film supervising sound editor/sound designer Lon Bender, a multiple Oscar winner. Bender has recently done sound design for the Broadway show, an interesting detour that has changed his approach to film sound design. In this article Bender talks about “Tarzan, Pro Tools, and a Collaborative Sound-Editing Workflow.”

Bender is also the co-founder of Soundelux Entertainment Group.

from Ken Stone: Creating A Droplet for Customized AIFF Conversion

September 27, 2006

Ken Stone’s website is a great resource for FCP users in general and the tutorials are remarkably easy to follow. This article by Nick Meyers will show you how to create a preset with Apple’s Compressor where you can customize audio file conversions to your specifications. All you need to do to convert files is drag and drop on the preset Droplet.

In Memoriam: Malcolm Arnold

September 27, 2006


Official Malcolm Arnold website.


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