The Art of Sound Technology

Making Sound an Art
by Robert Braathe

My name is Robert Braathe, author of Manners, Positivity, Heroics, and its corresponding podcast. I am a consultant for the Apple Consultants Network.

I will be bringing you a regular feature on the Art of Sound Technology. Today, it’s the strategic pause.

In any work I do with sound, whether it be a voice-over, a short drama, or a podcast/video podcast for one of my clients, it’s always important to let your work “breathe”. To make your points succinct and memorable, remember to place strategic pauses in your work, whether it be a second, two seconds, or even longer if the moment sees fit.

Check out some of my podcasts on iTunes at the MPH Podcast, and you can hear some very basic podcasts where you can hear the moments where I have left a strategic pause. From the intro to the change in segments, leaving room to breathe allows your listeners moments to really appreciate your work.

Robert Braathe created to be a resource dedicated to providing consulting and advice to those who want to make a difference.


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