Article: Time Piece

Time Piece is a really informative article on the physics, recording, and perception of sound. And what makes it extra special is that it’s written by Jay Rose, the man who makes learning sound theory, production and design fat free. A must read!
Some excerpts of what Rose discusses:

“…What we hear are actually swings in air pressure, as fast as a few dozen microseconds each (a microsecond is 0.000001 second, about 1/30,000 of a frame)…”

“Digital audio operates on a much faster time scale than our ears. For the system to work properly, voltages must be measured more than twice as fast as the highest pitch we want to record-in DV, that amounts to 48,000…”

“…Once sound jumps into the air, it slows down drastically-to about 1,100 feet per second, or roughly…”

“…Even in a situation with good acoustics and close mics, differing delays from multiple sound paths can cause cancellations and hurt the sound…”

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