Sounds of NYC Subways Collected For A Miniature Project

Irwin Gonshak, a regular columnist for The Sound Palette, referred me this article from The New York Times. I’ll regularly post links to sound-related articles, originating elsewhere, such as this one, with the following format. Feel free to drop me a line if you find articles, interviews, posts etc., as well, with a link to it, if possible.


by Michael Brick for The New York Times (Sep 21, 2006)

“The New York City transit system has been filmed and photographed, drawn and chronicled in hardback and in newsprint. Soon it will be heard.

All week, a man with a microphone has walked the subway platforms to collect the clattering of the rivets and the whistling horns, the distortion in the loudspeaker, the hush in the compressor’s song and the dying of the brake like some wounded thing…”

Read full entry here.


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