BBC Profile: Bob Marley

October 4, 2006

Part of BBC’s Artist Profiles series.
This Bob Marley profile lists several cool links as well as two audio interviews where he talks about leadership and Eric Clapton’s version of his song ‘I Shot The Sheriff.’ Pretty extensive profile and people new to his music will find this a great introduction.

LA Theatre Works – The New Season

October 4, 2006

LA Theatre Works began producing radio theatre in 1985, 11 years after the company was founded to represent a group of dedicated artists to reach out to the community.
Two decades later, the company is keeping up its tradition of quality radio theatre
production by featuring works of prominent writers and the voices of actors from
both theatre and film.

I’ve had the privilege of listening to LATW’s work through their PRX page and
their catalog’s demand among public radio program directors around the nation is nothing but encouraging. Especially since radio theatre is all but considered a dead art form.
These days when short video or television program can’t retain the attention of an impatient audience, LATW plays, most of them running upto 118 minutes
in length,are constantly being licensed by stations around the country, and I’m sure abroad as well.
As a matter of fact, LATW was awarded the ‘Most Licensed Producer Group’ at this years
PRX Zeitfunk Awards. It certainly proves one point; make quality your priority and they will-they being the audience- give you their time.

This Playbill article – I don’t particularly care about the headline and the opening
paragraphs – ends with a schedule of the theatre’s upcoming ‘Voices of The Season’
lineup. That’s a pretty good lineup, and you can except a strong cast of characters
to lend their voices as well.

Check out their schedule of broadcast for KPCC 89.3