Improving the sound quality of your live music recordings

October 6, 2006

by Robert Braathe

If you have live music files saved in iTunes, you can change the sound to improve it’s clarity.

Highlight a song in your library. From the menu bar, click File, click Get Info, and then go to the Options tab. You are able to manipulate the sound volume for a particular song, as well as assign an equalizer to that song. Once you hit OK, you can go back and play the song and hear a much better sound than before!

The Options tab also allows you to add lyrics, song information, and a number of other extras. Check it out!

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Article: Understanding Digital Audio Formats

October 6, 2006

by Michael Miller

“Even if you’ve never downloaded any music from the Internet, chances are you’ve still heard of MP3 files. MP3 is a particular type of digital audio format that compresses music to fit within reasonably-sized computer files—while maintaining near-CD quality sound…”

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