from PRX: Sit Perfectly Still, The World Will Present Itself to You

October 14, 2006

Claes Andreasson created this piece and here’s how he wrote the history of it:

‘”Sit perfectly still…” is a (Kafka) quote from an interview I did with James Ellroy.
I thought it would fit very well for an audio excursion, or a soundscape about the Big City.
HereĀ“s the thing: In the late 1980s I moved from Sweden to Los Angeles. To this big, mysterious city, with so many voices and sounds.
“Sit perfectly still…” is a collection of some of those voices and sounds, that I have recorded over the years. Mixed with music, and events that reminds me of the place I now live in. There is no story, no plot and no narrator. My hope is that it is a little like when you pick up a shell on the beach, put it to your ear, and you start hearing all kinds of things. ‘

I had reviewed this piece for PRX last year and I had the opportunity to get in touch with Claes. His radio pieces are eclectic and engaging; I’d blogged about his ‘The Singing Yeast Cell’ piece.