Listen: Out of The Ashes:Teatro La Fenice

November 8, 2006

from PRX

Produced by Angela Taylor.

PRX program description:
‘ “Out of the Ashes: Teatro la Fenice” is a feature on the tragedy and triumphant return of this iconic Venetian opera and music house.┬áIt relives the fire that destroyed the theater eight years ago and the excitement of the Venetian people as they take their first steps into its latest incarnation.
Teatro la Fenice will officially reopen to the world this coming November, 2004, but producer Angela Taylor was in Venice during a one week celebration last December — exclusively designed to give the Venetian public a sneak peak at their culural jewel.
The piece is delicately narrated, sound rich and designed to bring alive Venice and her theater for opera fans and non-opera fans, alike. There are segments of works from Mahler, Stravinsky, and Wagner within the piece.’


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