PRX Review – Power To The Peaceful: An Interview with Anti-Flag

by John Hingsbergen for PRX (November 8, 2006)

“Old people are gonna die” and a naked guitar player. Not your everyday average public radio fare. Zoe Cordes Selbin has put together a fast-paced and engaging piece about a band I’ve never heard of.

This is a good piece for use in a youth-oriented talk show or in an alternative music format. I’d be sure to “wrap” this with some of the music being discussed.

This is NOT a politically-balanced piece. Stations will want to consider adding your own “balance,” however you define it.

Techically, there are numerous over-zealous edits. I’m wondering if this isn’t a “technique” that I haven’t heard about…kind of like hand-held, wobbly, out-of-focus footage in music videos. This super-tight editing is only distracting in Zoe’s question tracks.

A good merger of youth culture and political activism. We need more efforts of this type.

Listen to Power To The Peaceful: An Interview with Anti-Flag

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