In Memoriam: Robert Altman

November 21, 2006


Robert Altman (1925 – 2006)

Listen to:

His Pinewood Dialogues appearance.


I’ve previously posted an article with a few links about Altman on this blog.

On a personal note:

I wasn’t ready to hear this news, frankly, as I wasn’t 15 years ago for Satyajit

Ray’s death. Altman has been a huge influence in my ownapproach to filmmaking

and even radio. The film world has lost one its best.

Robert Altman wasn’t just a filmmaker… he was a genre.

Listen: A Brief History of The End of Everything

November 21, 2006

A Brief History of The End of Everything
from BBC Radio 4 Science

Radio 4 introduction:
“A series exploring how our ideas about the end of the universe have been shaped by religion, belief, and the contemporary state of scientific thinking and observation.”

“The series is presented by Vatican Astronomer, Brother Guy Consolmagno. He is a Jesuit astro-physicist who came to religion via science and his wonder at the universe. At the Vatican Observatory in Castel Gandolfo, Italy, he compares cutting edge cosmology with Chinese, Ancient Greek, Buddhist, Medieval and Victorian ideas about the end of everything.”

The five topics covered in each program are:

  • It’s OK, the universe is eternal
  • The universe will crash – we’re all doomed
  • Lets go round again
  • The universe is expanding – we’re all doomed
  • Oops, I’ve dropped an exotic particle

Listen to all 5 episodes of the series.

Article: Audio for Animation

November 21, 2006

by Christine Bunish for POST (August 1, 2004)

“Animation has always had unique audio requirements. Unlike live action, animation has no source audio, and yet audio — characters’ voices, zany sound effects, otherworldly ambiance, music — plays a key role in the experience. Audio appears primed to play an even greater role in animation as it takes on many aspects once reserved for live-action productions.”

Read full article here.