Profile: Joe Cipriano

November 22, 2006

Joe Cipriano: That Familiar Voice

by Dustin Driver for Apple Pro

“For Joe Cipriano, whose voice you’ve no doubt heard during the fleeting minutes between TV show segments, announcing has always been second nature. “I got into radio when I was about 14,” he says. “I built a studio in my parents’ basement, bought an AM radio transmitter and started doing radio shows for the neighborhood.” The young DJ went on to work for seven major radio stations and even filled in for Casey Kasem on the American Top 40 show. Now he does voiceover work for NBC, Fox, CBS, Food Network, and several motion picture studios. ”

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PRX Review – A Life of Ashes: Widows in India

November 22, 2006

by Traci Tong for PRX (November 9, 2006)

A window to the sad existence of Indian widows.

This is a very moving, thorough story that is well narrated. Good attention to detail — visually and verbally.
Well placed sound takes you from scene to scene – you feel like you’re watching the story nstead of just hearing it.The stories from the widows are heartbreaking yet matter of fact. Some of the Indian women interviewed are a bit hard to understand at times but you get their essence and you never stray from the storyline.Timing might be long for some station formats.

But if you have room on the weekend or evening shows, this is worth it.

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PRX Review: The Walker

November 22, 2006

by Emily Hanford for PRX (Nov 10, 2006)
I listened to this piece more than a month ago and when I listened I liked it, but I did not come away with particularly strong feelings one way or the other. But I keep thinking about it! …. coming back to images and memories, especially the sound of walking, and the wide thoughts about the meaning of walking and walking and walking. To many American ears, I think this piece might sound slow and unusual. But there is quiet and deep beauty in this piece – the topic and the choices about how to explore it. Worth listening to!

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Article: Audio for Films

November 22, 2006

by David John Farinella for POST (August 1, 2005)

“Many would argue that, in terms of audio post production, feature films are the most challenging. Certainly the level of creativity and possibility in any facet of the profession pushes all involved to new highs, but in terms of dollars spent, demands and expectations, there is little that compares to feature films.”

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