Thank You!

November 23, 2006

This blog is still a baby. Every day is a struggle, though very, very rewarding, to bring together and share with you what I find compelling, entertaining, and revealing about our life with and around sound. Brilliant minds are creating/writing these works around the world non-stop, and never put power, fame, and fortune in the equation. Without their work made available in the massive world wide web, this blog would have just been a dry and useless vehicle of my opinions and daily musings. Even I shudder to think.

The passing of 1,500 hits on the site couldn’t have come on a more appropriate day. For many the number may be insignificant and a pointless reference. Not to me. Therefore, and no matter what religion you follow or don’t choose to follow, let me take a brief pause and wish you…Happy Thanksgiving!!


Listen: An Earth Made for Life

November 23, 2006

Series 1: Earth Made For Life

from BBC Radio 4

This series of programmes looks at the oldest surviving remnants of the Earth – a strip of ancient seafloor now exposed near the Greenland icecap, the oldest piece of continent, now to be found in Western Australia, even a single grain of rock that appears to have survived from 4.4 billion years ago, holding evidence that oceans existed even then. The series includes the oldest evidence of life on Earth, the oldest fossils, even the traces of ancient raindrops that have survived over the eons.”

Listen to all three programs of the series 1 here.

PRX Review: Tell Me Wai

November 23, 2006

by David Swatling for PRX (November 8, 2006)

More than just a music profile, this piece about a group fusing traditional and modern sounds raises lots of issues regarding culture and heritage. The sound at the start sets the scene in some far off exotic locale, but the young voices bring us into the here and now – well, here being New Zealand. The crossover to today’s hip-hop sound in an indiginous language is fascinating. This is perfect for any culture show or program dealing in global topics – or anywhere else one might want to treat listeners to a short but surprising trip to the South Seas.

Listen to Tell Me Wai