Listen: First Episode of INFIDEL by Crazy Dog Audio Theatre

The Sound Palette exclusive

Announcing The Sound Palette Chapter One series. The idea of it is to present the first chapter, episode, or minutes of a radio drama, audiobook, or any other audio presentations exclusively for this blog’s visitors with kind support from the authors, producers, and publishers.

So, I am proud to begin this series with Crazy Dog Audio Theatre‘s Infidel. This first episode is being streamed from this blog with the kind permission of Roger Gregg, founder/director of Crazy Dog Audio Theatre.

Infidel is a 4-part radio drama series, first broadcast by RTE 1 in March 2006, that ‘takes place during the Fifth Crusade which the historians date between 1217 and 1271. ” Full details of the play, cast and crew, and technical details can be found here.

Listen to A Knight’s Advance (26:55 minutes).

To buy the full series as mp3 downloads, please visit ZBS Foundation.


Infidel is also available as a 2-CD set. Please write

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