PRX Reviews: The One-Room School In The Twenty-First Century

The One-Room School in the Twenty-First Century

review by Emily Hanford for PRX (Nov. 17, 2006)

” This is an extraordinary program! I enjoyed it at every level. The program took me places I’d never been, introduced me to circumstances I’d never much considered, introduced me to people who made me think (and feel) about ideas and education in new ways. And I smiled and laughed and just thoroughly enjoyed the journey.

This is really just a gorgeous piece that is full of ideas yet moves so gracefully scene to scene, building a larger story from so many small ones, so many lovely details and sounds and characters. And it’s an important story. Don’t be fooled that the focus on one room schools makes this something quirky and small and on the sidelines of the big questions about education. This piece is all about some of the biggest questions facing education today – small schools versus large ones, the importance of relationships and mentoring, how schools reflect and connect their communities, how the daily details and little moments are often more significant than the large movements in education reform can capture or appreciate.

I recommend this program highly. I say… play this in your one hour special slot if you have one, play it/ repeat it over the holidays when you need GOOD programming to fill up your air while your staff takes a break from the daily grind.”

Listen to the program here

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