Listen: Blues & Beyond#21 – The Origins of Some Hit Songs

from PRX

Blues & Beyond#21 – The Origins of Some Hit Songs

Producer: Jonny Meister

PRX program description:

“This program looks at the origins of some well-known popular songs. Canned Heat’s “Going Up The Country” came from a Henry Thomas record from the 1920s, though Canned Heat gave no information about their source. Cream did give credit to Blind Joe Reynolds for “Outside Woman Blues” but the original 1929 record is almost unknown. We’ll hear it on this show. British folkies have come up with distinctive arrangements of traditional songs that later became pop hits, without any mention of the musicians who gave these songs their popular form. This program offers selections from Bert Jansch and Martin Carthy that were hits by Paul Simon and Led Zeppelin. Elvis Presley learned the song he recorded on his first single, “That’s All Right” from a 1946 Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup record; we’ll trace that song back as far as 1926, from the great Blind Lemon Jefferson. Also included, the original “Iko Iko”– “Jock-a-Mo” from Sugarboy Crawford– and more. ”

Listen to the program here


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