PRX Reviews – Here On Earth: War Letters

Here On Earth: War Letters

by Bill Anderson for PRX (Nov. 27, 2006)

Loved the opening. Slick. The montage was clever and clean and I’m hit between the eyes shortly after that. I had an immediate desire to keep listening. I thought it wise that you set the show up BEFORE introducing your guest.

I’m assuming the callers were screened because not a single call brought the show to a screaching halt like we know some can. The callers advocated for me as a listener and advanced the show to new levels. I absolutely loved the question (comment?) from the cynical, angry sounding man who referenced “delusional” issues.

Coming out of the break with a strong clip from the father launched yet more engaging conversation.

I only wish that Andrew had been on an ISDN line. The phone line, for this radio guy, gets a bit tiresome after a while. Especially when the guest plays such an important role.”

Listen to the program here 


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