Listen: The Now Show (BBC 4 Comedy)

December 2, 2006

The Now Show (Comedy)

from BBC Radio 4

Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis present a mix of stand-up, sketches and songs, with Jon Holmes, Laura Shavin, Mitch Benn and Marcus Brigstocke.

Listen to the program here


Film Sound Cliches – Pt 3 of 3

December 2, 2006


from Film Sound


  • Animals are never ever silent – dogs whine/bark/yip, cats meow or purr, cows moo, even in cases where most animals wouldn’t be making a sound.
  • Rats, mice, squirels and other vermin always make the tiny little squeeky noises constantly while they are on screen.
  • Dolphins always make that same “dolphin chatter” sound when spinning, jumping, etc.
  • Snakes are always rattling

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Listen: Sharpen Your Memory – Pt. 3 of 6

December 2, 2006

Part 3: Improve Your Memory

from BBC Radio 4

“We’ve heard a lot about memory but how do we go about improving the way we learn, store and recall information? In conjunction with the BBC1 programme which goes out on the same day, How to Improve your Memory, Mariella and guests get to grips with the best methods of sharpening your mind.”

Listen to the program here.