Tomorrow’s Blog: Chapter One of THE PLOT TO SAVE SOCRATES by Paul Levinson

December 3, 2006

I am honored to present the 2nd edition of the Chapter One series on The Sound Palette. Author Paul Levinson has graciously granted first chapter presentation of his latest hit novel THE PLOT TO SAVE SOCRATES on this blog.

socrates.jpgThe Sound Palette will post the author’s reading of the first chapter at 6 a.m., Monday, December 4th. If you are a first time visitor, please subscribe to any of the blog’s feeds at the right side bar or by clicking the email subscription link. By doing so you will never miss new posts as they are published.

It gets better. If you’d like to read the first chapter, Mr. Levinson has also granted the whole first chapter to appear on The Words Palette, also being published at the same time tomorrow. You also have the option to download the first chapter as a pdf format and read at your convenience. See, we care.

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Here’s what other folks in the media world said about ‘PLOT,’ now in its 3rd printing. (extracted from the author’s website)

Entertainment Weekly magazine calls it “challenging fun”EW is the leading entertainment magazine in the US with over 2 million copies in circulation each week!

The New York Daily News calls it a Da Vinci-esque thriller

A thoughtful new review by Colin Harvey on says “There’s a delightfully old-fashioned feel to The Plot to Save Socrates… Levinson’s cool, spare style reminded me of the writing of Isaac Asimov… The Plot to Save Socrates is a book that will bear repeated rereading.”

A STARRED review in Library Journal says… “…Levinson spins a fascinating tale that spans the centuries from 400 B.C.E. to 2061 C.E. and ranges from ancient Greece and Egypt to Victorian London and future New York. An intriguing premise with believable characters and attention to period detail make this an outstanding choice… Highly recommended.”

Steve Powers, in the Dallas Morning News, calls it “a fun book to read”…

Brian Charles Clark’s detailed and enjoyable review (be aware, a few surprise plot points are revealed!) on Curled Up With a Good Book says The Plot to Save Socrates “resonates with the current political climate” and he finds “a bite to Levinson’s wit”… and he notes that “heroine Sierra Waters is sexy as hell”…

John Joseph Adams, writing in Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show calls The Plot to Save Socrates “…an elaborately- reasoned temporal tale – a novelized thought experiment whose logic and ideas Socrates would have approved of…”

Pamela Sargent’s SciFi Weekly review calls it “highly original,” “conscientiously researched and well rendered,” “emotionally satisfying and extremely moving.” She concludes, “The Plot to Save Socrates will provoke thought long after readers have finished the book, at which point many may want to pick it up and read it again, to savor its twists and turns.”

Tom Easton, writing in Analog magazine, calls The Plot to Save Socrates “very satisfying… a tour de force…” and he says “Watch for it on award ballots.”

Kristin Gray, in the Davis, California, Enterprise says the book is “fast-paced and full of plot twists”…

And this from Gavin Grant in Bookpage: “It�s obvious that Levinson had a lot of fun and did a lot of research to write this book, and readers are sure to enjoy his take on the paradoxes of time travel.”

Fantasybookspot calls it “a philosophically rich, engaging time travel story… a charming portrayal of Socrates”…

Thomas M. Wagner, writing on, raves about “this yummy little pretzel of a story” … calling it “deliriously mind-boggling time travel… Paul Levinson’s The Plot to Save Socrates is a rare example of a novel actually thriving on paradoxes… daring with both its ideas and its approach to narrative structure… It’s an absolute treat to sit back and be wrapped up in a story that gives a retro SF premise like time travel such a brilliant new kick, and it’s doubly delightful to find the story as fun and entertaining as it is thought-provoking. Brain candy and brain vegetables, all in one serving. … I just have to recommend the book to any and every SF reader looking for something truly original for a change.”

Book.of.the.moment says “I’ve never read anything like this before… The Plot to Save Socrates is highly original, creative, and engaging. I enjoyed it from the first page.”

Publisher’s Weekly calls it a “light, engaging time travel yarn” and says “…by the surprise end, Levinson succeeds in tying the main narrative together in a way that neatly satisfies the circularity inherent in time travel, whose paradoxes he links to Greek philosophy…”

Booklist says “The plot twists across itself, filling the book with paradoxes and potential paradoxes in total disregard for linear time, betrayal, and plotting. In the end, Socrates� fate and Andros� motivations and identity conclude a quick-to-read, entertaining treatment of the problems inherent in time travel with style and flair.”

And Meme Therapy joins Far Sector andSciFi Wire with feature interviews with Paul about time travel and the writing of The Plot to Save Socrates

The Plot to Save Socrates … political intrigue… ancient mysteries… time travel… past and future locales… deception and subterfuge… watch here for more!

Listen: Sharpen Your Memory – Pt. 4 of 6

December 3, 2006

Part 4: Information Recall

from BBC 4 Radio

“It’s often been said that our memories play a more important role in controlling our future than informing our past. But how can we remember to remember the right stuff at the right time?”

Listen to the program here