PRX Reviews: Final Exit

December 5, 2006

Final Exit

producer: Kelly McEvers 

review by Ben Adair for PRX (Nov. 29, 2006)

“A blend of great writing and music, this piece by Kelly McEvers puts a very personal and engaging spin on assisted suicide and the “right to die” movement. This is, in fact, a perfect example of what first person radio essays are supposed to be: personal and universal, funny and sad — overall, very thoughtful: showing me why this issue is important and leading me think hard about it without a hint of preachy-ness, over-writing or ham-handed conclusions.

This piece would sound great on a show like ATC (I’m sort of wondering why they haven’t picked it up already), or dropped into ATC on a local station. It says it’s timely for New Years but could be played anytime of the year, really.”

Listen to the radio piece here (5:05 minutes)

PRX Review: On Being A Baltimore Artist

December 5, 2006

One Being A Baltimore Artist

Produced by Mary Rose Madden

Piece reviewed by Joseph Dougherty for PRX (De. 2, 2006)

“Depending on who you are and where you are in life, the story of designer/artist Ally Dryer (I?m making an assumption about the spelling here), as told by Mary Rose Madden, will encourage or frighten you?it?s either the best thing or the worst thing for your parents to hear if they?re worried about what you?re going to do when you grow up.

The piece profiles one of the strata of artists in Baltimore who have made a profound commitment to their art that might look like a nightmare to the hyper-success tracked among us?or it may represent a beacon of encouragement to those considering the leap of supporting their art with just enough work to pay the rent.

Unfortunately for Ms. Dryer, she has to put as much energy into defending her choices as she does living her life. People tend to be threatened by anyone who makes their own path. I think it?s a mixture of fear and envy. Fear, that they?d fail if they tried it. Envy, that they?ve never had the nerve to take the risk.

Smart and seamlessly produced, this would fit in with discussions of work and creativity.
The most important lesson in the well-produced, non-judgmental piece is the subtle yet powerful argument that in a world of mass production, not one size of success fits all.”

Listen to the radio piece here 

Listen: The Scanner (BBC 4 Comedy)

December 5, 2006

The Scanner

from BBC 4 Radio

“Comic sketch show by Johnny Daukes and Rob Johnston, featuring imaginary snippets of European Radio.”

Listen to the programs here 

Listen: Sharpen Your Memory – Pt. 5 of 6

December 5, 2006

Part 5: Broken Memories

from BBC 4 Radio

” What happens when memory starts to degenerate? Why do some forms of memory seem more fragile than others and can anything be done to prevent or at least slow the seemingly inevitable slide towards oblivion experienced by so many sufferers of dementia?”

Listen to the program here.