PRX Reviews: Final Exit

Final Exit

producer: Kelly McEvers 

review by Ben Adair for PRX (Nov. 29, 2006)

“A blend of great writing and music, this piece by Kelly McEvers puts a very personal and engaging spin on assisted suicide and the “right to die” movement. This is, in fact, a perfect example of what first person radio essays are supposed to be: personal and universal, funny and sad — overall, very thoughtful: showing me why this issue is important and leading me think hard about it without a hint of preachy-ness, over-writing or ham-handed conclusions.

This piece would sound great on a show like ATC (I’m sort of wondering why they haven’t picked it up already), or dropped into ATC on a local station. It says it’s timely for New Years but could be played anytime of the year, really.”

Listen to the radio piece here (5:05 minutes)


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