December 7, 2006

from BBC 4 Radio series Book At Bedtime

BBC 4 explains Book At Bedtime series as Modern classics, new works by leading writers and literature from around the world’

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Books descriptions (from BBC 4)


‘By Khaled Hosseini, abridged by Jane Marshall, read by Kulvinder Ghir.
Amir spends his childhood in Kabul, playing in the garden of his father’s house with Hassan, the son of the Hazara servant. Together they climb the hill to the pomegranate tree, read stories in its shade, and fly kites in the streets.
But this is Afghanistan before the Russian tanks roll in, before the kite-fighting tournament, the day that changed Amir’s life forever.
Producer Jane Marshall.’


‘By Edna O’Brien, abridged by Neville Teller and read by Tina Kellegher.
A mother is dying whilst her daughter, a writer, is in the aftermath of a rotten marriage.
Edna O’Brien’s new book reflects the many twists and turns of the lives of a mother and daughter and their, often fractured, relationship down the years. Though this book is at times movingly lyrical, O’Brien is never soft on her characters, whom she knows intimately and on whom she brings to bear all her considerable power as a writer’

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December 7, 2006

from BBC 4 Radio series The Afternoon Reading

The Afternoon Reading presents short stories or abridged books, usually by writers new to radio.

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Listen: Sharpen Your Memory – Pt. 6 of 6

December 7, 2006

Part 6: Programme Six

from BBC 4 Radio

“The last programme in the series is based around themes emerging from the survey and comments left on the website”

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