PRX Review: THE LONG WEEKEND (Radio Drama)

The Long Weekend (24:00)

produced by Billy Senese

review by Joseph Dougherty for PRX (Dec. 2, 2006)

“Well acted and carefully produced to create a sense of aural-cinema, ‘The Long Weekend’ is a subtle, cumulatively discomforting tale of a couple alone in a country house, plagued by mosquitoes, their own carefully carved secrets, and noises approaching from the dark woods that might turn out to be something much more lethal than simply a metaphor for a shaky marriage.

Creator Billy Senese requests that his plays be listened to ‘late at night, with the lights off and the imagination free to roam.’ He knows that the best theater resides in the space behind our eyes and I’d suggest honoring his request. ”

INSOMNIA trailer and links to full production here


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