Listen: Barack Obama’s Speech in Manchester, NH

December 18, 2006

from PRX

producer: Josh Rogers of New Hampshire Public Radio

PRX Description:

“On Sunday, December 10th, 2006, Barack Obama visited Manchester, New Hampshire to attend the 2006 Democratic Party Election Celebration Event at the Center of New Hampshire Radison to help Democrats celebrate the victory in the midterm election. Obama has been flirting publicly with a run for President in 2008. He got a rock star reception for his first appearance in New Hampshire. Most attendees at this Democratic fundraising event got what they wanted. Obama spoke about broader goals and positivism and didn’t go into details about a possible run. While he has not formally declared his intentions, he is leaving the door open for the time being.”

Listen to the program hereĀ 


Listen: Am I Normal? Series #1

December 18, 2006

Am I Normal? (Series 1)

from BBC 4 Radio

Vivienne Parry is not normal according to her friends but medically speaking she’s mercifully within the normal range for most things. In this series, Vivienne finds out how the doctors decide what’s normal in terms of our weight, height, cholesterol level and state of mind. “

Listen to the first series here

A little more about programs 1-4 of series # 1: (from BBC 4 Radio)

  1. Weight: ” You may have been told by your doctor that your weight is just fine, but be aware, they may soon change their minds.”
  2. Height: “ Is being short a medical condition or just a fact of life? “
  3. Heart: “ Is your heart healthy? Is it normal? We join Vivienne Parry as she gets her cholesterol and blood pressure checked to find out her risk of heart disease.”
  4. Depression: “ How do doctors decide if what’s going on inside someone’s head is normal?”