Listen: Am I Normal? Series #2

Am I Normal? (Series 2)

from BBC Radio 4

In this series, Vivienne Parry finds out how the doctors decide who’s in the normal box and who’s not when it comes to cancer, madness, metabolism, autism and drinking. “

Listen to series #2 here

A little more about programs 1-5 of series #2 (from BBC 4 Radio)

  1. Cancer: “ Is it normal for us to have cancer? Public opinion might be that cancer is abnormal, but medical professionals disagree.”
  2. Madness: “ One in 10 of us has had a mad or psychotic experience at some time in our life.”
  3. Metabolism: “ What is a normal metabolism? Our thyroid controls our body temperature and therefore plays an important role in our metabolism”
  4. Asperger Syndrome and Autism: “ Ten times more children are diagnosed with autism or Asperger syndrome than 40 years ago.”
  5. Alcohol: “ Britain is a nation of drinkers. We now drink twice as much alcohol as 50 years ago, with scant regard to the recommended intake. “

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