Listen: Guardian Talks with Lynne Truss

December 23, 2006

Guardian Book Club event with Eats, Shoots & Leaves author Lynne Truss.


Article: Women At The Piano

December 23, 2006

Women At the Piano

by Heather Johnson for MIX (Dec. 2006)


“Imagine a musician who spent most of her childhood practicing her craft, then most of her adult life studying at a prestigious music conservatory under the guidance of a renowned music instructor. She toured the world, performing the masterworks of such composers as Franz Liszt, Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven and Fryderyk Chopin, with symphonies in Paris, London, Berlin and Boston to full houses and roaring applause. But that musician, although considered a master of her instrument, later received little public recognition, despite her talents and commitment. Her career received virtually no mention in music history books; her presence diminished. Because she is a woman, the professional music community treated her as an afterthought.”

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