PRX Review: The Ground We Live On

The Ground We Lived On

by Sound Portraits, 11:33

Review by  Emily Hanford for PRX (December 20, 2006)

“This is an extraordinarily beautiful piece. I could not recommend it more highly. There is so much raw emotion, so much honesty. I was honored to listen, and especially to hear the way so much love was expressed between father and daughter. I will not forget it. And such an important topic that we don’t hear enough about – dying, saying goodbye, reckoning with life and love. Lovely, lovely piece of radio. Certainly one of those driveway moment pieces that you will have to sit and listen to until it’s done… unless you have to turn the radio off right away because this topic is too close, too much. My husband and I have seven parents between us, and so far they are all alive and healthy. But I know this process is in my future, and I feel like I receive a gift every time I get a chance to hear how someone else goes through this experience. Thank you.”

Listen to the full piece here 


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