PRX Review: Crossing Over With Ruben Martinez

January 5, 2007

Producer: Ben Adair (10:30)

Review by John Hingsbergen for PRX(Dec. 17, 2006)

An enjoyable, somewhat off-beat, feature segment. Based on one long interview with author Ruben Martinez, this piece starts strong with some great natural sound that will draw the listener in. 

Interviewer/producer Benjamin Adair narrates the story in a relaxed, natural style. He’s “chatting” with the listener rather than “announcing” or “narrating.” A very comfortable, non-self-conscious delivery. 

I especially like the way the opening narrative fades to make way for Martinez. A clever device that, to be honest, reminded me of the National Lampoon Radio Hour of the 1970’s. Kept me hanging on, wondering, “What’s next?” 

Adair has used a number of off-beat techniques to keep it interesting, including natural sound frequently woven in behind the interview clips 

I’d use this as a discussion-starter for a talk show on immigration issues. Would also work well in a magazine with an immigration theme. 

There’s a reference to “it’s Spring” in the opening narration so users might want to consider whether or not to use it in other seasons.”

Listen to: Crossing Over with Ruben Martinez