Reviewed these two pieces for PRX yesterday and thought you should listen to them.

MARIE’S CRISIS (9:41 minutes)

producer: Kevin T. Allen

” The story of Jim who has been playing piano at the famously infamous Marie’s Crisis for the past 19 years. Trained at an early age by his extremely religious father to embrace music “Soli Deo Glorio” (only for the grace of God), Jim has grown up to form his own, more tolerant, type of church at the local piano bar.”

Listen to the piece here


SIT WITH ME (7:34 minutes)

producer: Salt Institute of Documentary Studies

“Cameron Ledoux’s father is depressed. Because of his illness, his dad can’t work and sleeps at home much of the time. Cameron, age 12, sits down with his dad to address the unspoken.”

Listen to the full piece here


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