Listen: Acoustic Shadows

November 14, 2006

Acoustc Shadows

from BBC 4 Radio

Robert Sandall takes an audio journey into the real and virtual worlds of acoustical research.

Listen to ACOUSTIC SHADOWS here.

Article: How To Tune Your Room

October 26, 2006

by Ethan Winer. Originally for EQ magazine

“Few project studio owners enjoy the luxury of owning a purpose-built control room. So it’s common to see people mixing in bedrooms, basements, or whatever space is available. While you can certainly get good results in almost any room if it has enough acoustic treatment, you’ll get even better results if you…”

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Article: Recording Spaces

October 15, 2006

by Ethan Winer. Originally for EQ magazine

“For many project studio owners, calling their small recording space “a live room” is a bit of a cruel joke. Many people are lucky to have two rooms so they can record in one room while monitoring in the other. Big-ticket professional studios have very large recording spaces for a good reason – ”

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Article: Acoustics- Good or Bad Vibes

October 13, 2006

by Ethan Winer. Originally for EQ Magazine

“Every EQ reader will agree that recording and mixing music is a lot of fun. And if you produce your own music, it’s even more fun to hear the ideas take shape and begin to sound like a “real” recording. But most of us encounter frustration somewhere along the way…”

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