PRX Review – Generation Next: Child vs Adult

May 1, 2007

 producer: BBC

 Reviewed by: Taki Telonidis for PRX (April 26, 2007)

 “Delightful. That?s the first word that comes to mind after hearing this installment of a BBC series about adolescence. Initially I was doubtful that a 20-minute radio story would be able to bring focus to such a broad topic, but I was pleasantly surprised throughout this piece. It unfolds in a very logical manner, beginning with an engaging introduction, then a series of topics illuminated by the personal experiences of teens (as well as of the reporter, now an adult) plus a sprinkling of experts. The narration is cleverly written and delivered with sparkle and humor. He relates very well to the young people he interviews, and in the course of the story takes us all over the world?from the UK, to Zambia, to America, to India & Bangladesh. Music and sound are used effectively to create a sense of place and pacing. This piece prompts me to ask questions of myself, and to appreciate how much Westerners could learn from other cultures, particularly traditional cultures, who seem to do a better job of preparing their children for adulthood. I could go on, but best to listen for yourself.”

Listen to: Generation Next: Child vs Adult

Listen: Coming Home

January 29, 2007

from BBC Radio 4

“Charles Wheeler presents five personal interpretations of what the end of the second world war meant to people in Britain and across the world.”

Listen to the program here

Listen: Just A Minute

January 11, 2007

from BBC 4 Radio

Just a Minute was devised by the late Ian Messiter who came up with the idea on the top of a number 13 bus.  He suddenly remembered being given the horrible task of speaking for one minute without hesitation or deviation by one of his school masters.  “

Listen to the latest episode here 

Listen: Behind The Superficial

January 8, 2007

Behind The Superficial

from BBC 4 Radio

“It’s surprising how little we really know about places we think we’ve got the measure of. This series explores places we assume we know – a tourist trap or an industrial site – and discovers that, on closer inspection, there’s a cracking scientific story hidden just Behind the Superficial. ”

Listen to all three episodes of the series here 

Listen: The Invention of Childhood

December 20, 2006

The Invention of Childhood

presented by Michael Morpurgo for BBC 4 Radio/History

A major thirty-part narrative history series exploring British childhood and the experience of British children over the last thousand years.”

Listen to the programs here. 

Listen: Am I Normal? Series #2

December 19, 2006

Am I Normal? (Series 2)

from BBC Radio 4

In this series, Vivienne Parry finds out how the doctors decide who’s in the normal box and who’s not when it comes to cancer, madness, metabolism, autism and drinking. “

Listen to series #2 here

A little more about programs 1-5 of series #2 (from BBC 4 Radio)

  1. Cancer: “ Is it normal for us to have cancer? Public opinion might be that cancer is abnormal, but medical professionals disagree.”
  2. Madness: “ One in 10 of us has had a mad or psychotic experience at some time in our life.”
  3. Metabolism: “ What is a normal metabolism? Our thyroid controls our body temperature and therefore plays an important role in our metabolism”
  4. Asperger Syndrome and Autism: “ Ten times more children are diagnosed with autism or Asperger syndrome than 40 years ago.”
  5. Alcohol: “ Britain is a nation of drinkers. We now drink twice as much alcohol as 50 years ago, with scant regard to the recommended intake. “

Listen: Am I Normal? Series #1

December 18, 2006

Am I Normal? (Series 1)

from BBC 4 Radio

Vivienne Parry is not normal according to her friends but medically speaking she’s mercifully within the normal range for most things. In this series, Vivienne finds out how the doctors decide what’s normal in terms of our weight, height, cholesterol level and state of mind. “

Listen to the first series here

A little more about programs 1-4 of series # 1: (from BBC 4 Radio)

  1. Weight: ” You may have been told by your doctor that your weight is just fine, but be aware, they may soon change their minds.”
  2. Height: “ Is being short a medical condition or just a fact of life? “
  3. Heart: “ Is your heart healthy? Is it normal? We join Vivienne Parry as she gets her cholesterol and blood pressure checked to find out her risk of heart disease.”
  4. Depression: “ How do doctors decide if what’s going on inside someone’s head is normal?”