Article: Romus Studio

December 28, 2006

Romus Studio

by Mike Clark for MIX (Dec. 2006)

“Rome-born musician, composer, arranger, conductor and producer Romano Musumarra quickly showed his musical flair when, at the age of nine, he entered the Eternal City’s world-famous Santa Cecilia Conservatory.”

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Article: American Hardcore

December 27, 2006

American Hardcore

by Iain Blair for MIX (Dec. 2006)

“In our current era of safe, blow-dried, corporate rap and rock, and super-bland pop, the snarling, spitting, angry punk acts profiled in the new film, American Hardcore: The History of American Punk Rock 1980-1986, come across like a musical speedball — dangerous, manic, provocative and obviously in league with the devil. Want a little political commentary on President Reagan?”

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Article: Stage To Screen

December 25, 2006

Stage To Screen

by Blair Jackson for MIX (Dec. 2006)

“Nearly 25 years to the day after the musical Dreamgirls opened on Broadway and began a triumphant four-year run, a film version is finally hitting theaters. Its makers are no doubt hoping that some of the magic that propelled Chicago to great heights two years ago will rub off and help Dreamgirls make that always-difficult transition from stage to screen.”

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Article: Women At The Piano

December 23, 2006

Women At the Piano

by Heather Johnson for MIX (Dec. 2006)


“Imagine a musician who spent most of her childhood practicing her craft, then most of her adult life studying at a prestigious music conservatory under the guidance of a renowned music instructor. She toured the world, performing the masterworks of such composers as Franz Liszt, Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven and Fryderyk Chopin, with symphonies in Paris, London, Berlin and Boston to full houses and roaring applause. But that musician, although considered a master of her instrument, later received little public recognition, despite her talents and commitment. Her career received virtually no mention in music history books; her presence diminished. Because she is a woman, the professional music community treated her as an afterthought.”

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Article: Tools for That Finishing Touch

December 21, 2006

Tools for That Finishing Touch

by Michael Cooper for MIX (Dec. 2006)

“Equalization is one of the two most-common processes employed in mastering (the other being dynamics processing) to put the finishing touch on a recording project. Whether used to correct a problem, enhance something that already sounds good or simply lend consistency to the spectral balance of multiple songs, equalizers must fulfill more demanding requirements if they are to be used for mastering, and not just for tracking and mixing.”

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Aricle: DVD Studio Pro

December 20, 2006

DVD Studio Pro

by Kevin Monahan for MIX (Dec. 2006)

“Now that DVD Studio Pro is part of Apple’s Final Cut Studio bundle, professional DVD authoring is available to most production pros. Having worked with DVD Studio Pro for several years, I have discovered some useful techniques that may help you with authoring DVDs.”

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