A Conversation with Shimon Peres

March 27, 2007

Producer: WEOS (58:57)

Review by Chris Chambers for PRX

Is it possible to broadcast an hour long live speech followed by a Q&A session? My instinct would be to say no not really. However, I was fascinated with this piece. I was absorbed from beginning to end. Shimon Peres is a wonderful speaker. Thoughtful, precise and engaging. I was surprised. I’ve always thought of him as lacking charisma and of being the ‘also man’ – even though he’s been around longer than any other Israeli politician and has held practically every important post in the government there. One wonders though, if someone of his sensibilities (as it comes across here anyway)and his stature isn’t able to bring peace to the region, then who can?
This is a programme of two halves. The first half an hour is a speech. His main thrust is that the economy and business are the most important aspects of a society. “Governments have budgets and not money,” he says cynically. Modernising is important and that the current clashes are with those who’re afraid of losing their way of life.
Also, the questions put to him were thoughtful and intelligent. This can sometimes be the trouble with Q&As. Questions can be trite and boring.
There are some very powerful moments especially when he describes as prime minister seeing the first suicide bombing of a bus in Jerusalem and the chants of traitor directed to him fom his own people.
The only problem with this is that of course it is one sided. Israel comes across as a country that is just defending itself from outside aggression and is reacting to circumstance. Isn’t it a bit more complicated than that!
However, pushing that aside, it’s worth listening to just to hear the views of a man steeped in history.



REVIEW: Sony’s PCM-D1 Digital Audio Recorder

January 9, 2007

by Mike Swittel for POST (Dec. 1, 2007)

“The Sony PCM-D1 finally gives us the best of both worlds: Sonic quality and portability! The PCM-D1 is billed as a portable high-end digital audio field recorder featuring stereo condenser mics, analog and digital metering, adjustable sample rates and 4GB of internal memory holding over two hours of 24-bit/96kHz audio.”

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Article: Tools for That Finishing Touch

December 21, 2006

Tools for That Finishing Touch

by Michael Cooper for MIX (Dec. 2006)

“Equalization is one of the two most-common processes employed in mastering (the other being dynamics processing) to put the finishing touch on a recording project. Whether used to correct a problem, enhance something that already sounds good or simply lend consistency to the spectral balance of multiple songs, equalizers must fulfill more demanding requirements if they are to be used for mastering, and not just for tracking and mixing.”

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Listen: Hollywood Science

December 19, 2006

from PRX

producer: Spectrum Radio

“Spectrum Radio’s Susan Hassler investigates two physicist film reviewers who critique and rate Hollywood films for good and bad science.”

Listen to program here 

Listen: Christmas Books Recommendations Series

December 15, 2006

from BBC 4 Radio series FRONTROW

Every day this week Front Row has invited a different critic to give their suggestions of the best books to pick up this Christmas.”

Listen to the programs here

PRX Review – #3 Behind The Comedy: Thirty Years of Duck’s Breath Mystery Theatre

November 19, 2006

review by Joseph Dougherty for PRX (November 6, 2006)

You need to make room in your head for the dense, well-written and impeccably voiced Duck’s Breath Mystery Theatre. A great way in is this program, one of a series of compilation shows charting the group’s thirty years of comedy, commentary, and dazzlingly compact playwrighting.

Duck’s Breath always delivered, challenged and entertained. This is perfect overnight and weekend programming for adults. The hour long shows will satisfy long-time fans and serve as a solid introduction to the uninitiated.

So, make yourself comfortable behind the world’s largest man-made desk and enjoy.

Listen to #3 Behind The Comedy: Thirty Years of Duck’s Breath Mystery Theatre.

PRX Review – Kasper Hauser: Phone Call to the 14th Century

November 19, 2006

by Joseph Dougherty for PRX (Nov 6, 20006)

“Same planet, different century.” Goofiness of the finest kind as “contestants” try to win a million bucks by sending useful information back to the 14th century?by telephone. Genetically linked to Monty Python’s “Summarize Proust Competition,” Kasper Hauser’s “Phone Call to the 14th Century” is a clever collision of sketchy history and woefully good intentions set in a premise that’s completely reasonable, but makes no sense whatsoever; my kind of comedy. Witty, well-produced, programmable anywhere, anytime. This would be an enjoyable break in anyone’s day.

Listen to Kasper Hauser: Phone Call to the 14th Century

Review: Eavesdropping-A Life By Ear

October 9, 2006

All Ears
by Rachel Cohen for NYTimes

“In his first memoir, “Planet of the Blind,” Stephen Kuusisto recreated the blurred landscape of his blindness — “my eyes dance in a private, rising field of silver threads, teeming greens, roses and smoke.” (He was born legally blind, with 20/200 vision in his better eye.) His new memoir, “Eavesdropping,” also draws its readers into an unusual perceptual world.”

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